MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea® Water

From Hawaii, the Most Remote Islands on Earth

Deep SeaMaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea drinking water comes to you from the island paradise of Hawaii, 3,000 feet below the ocean's surface, where the water is naturally clean, pure, cold and filled with healthy minerals and nutrients.

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The Deepest Deep Sea Water Available

qualityKoyo USA Corp. pumps the water into its ultra-modern processing facility, where it removes the excess sea salt and tests it for purity and content. The end product is the most refreshing, best tasting water available.

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Brimming with Life’s Essential Minerals

Hawaiian FlowerIt is no secret that nearly all of the essential trace minerals have been leached out of our farm land and surface water. Koyo's MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea drinking water is nearly 2,000 years old at the point of extraction, free from surface pollutants and contaminants. It has traveled under the polar ice caps, gathering ancient minerals from the glaciers where they have been stored since the dawn of time. These minerals are essential to proper food assimilation and good health, and MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea drinking water is the easiest, tastiest way to get these minerals into your diet.

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Learn More

Deep SeaFrom the bottom of the sea to our state of the art processing and bottling facility, the water is placed into the custom-designed 1.5 liter and half-liter bottles, ready for shipment to a thirsty world. Our unique bottle reflects the aloha spirit of Hawaii, with its palm trees and curling waves. It is easy to grip for both children and adults, and the cap material is a food-grade plastic, commonly used in baby toys.

From beginning to end, Koyo USA Corp. takes great pride in overseeing every step of production of MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea drinking water, truly a gift from paradise!

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